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Tracksan Tracking Technology

Tracksan Tracking Technology

Tracksan is a production tracking system for sanitaryware and other ceramic production.  The fully integrated technology allows for the complete monitoring and tracking of the production using barcodes.

Clients have found that significant loss reduction can be achieved following the installation of a Tracksan system.

It is a modular system allowing new clients to begin their production tracking at a basic level, which can be added to as more data is required.

In its simplest form, barcodes are applied and scanned after casting and the pieces are then scanned again on final inspection. Defects identified can be attributed to the individual item and referenced with the casting process. A touch screen is commonly used at this point and the position of the defect can also be assigned to each piece.

It is important to gather as much information about the production process in order to identify the causes of the faults.

At the casting stage all the moulds are identified with their own barcode which is scanned together with the barcode applied to the piece. Operators will have their own unique id or barcode which will be entered into the system at the start of the day.

For additional production information, scanning systems can be incorporated at each stage of the process such as drying, fettling, spray glazing, firing (kiln & position) and reprocessing.

Tracksan also produce vacuum leak testing equipment for toilets which can be incorporated into the tracking system.

The tracking system can be further extended into packaging, labelling, warehousing and dispatch.

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Ingenier�a Tracksan, tiene oficinas matrices en Italia y son especialistas en el abastecimiento e instalaci�n de sistemas de producci�n para el control de compa��as productoras de sanitarios a trav�s del mundo. La tecnolog�a integrada que manejan les permite el monitoreo y rastreo de la producci�n mediante el uso de c�digos de barras aplicadas a las piezas cer�micas despu�s de la fundici�n.

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